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ManuscriptsHub stands out with its comprehensive workflow platform, facilitating the seamless processes of manuscript submission, peer review, editorial decisions, and automated DOI assignment through CrossRef as well as PDF prodcution in your desired journal template. Choose ManuscriptsHub for a publishing experience where efficiency, accuracy, and quality go hand in hand. Embrace a smarter way to publish and manage academic content.

Why ManuscriptsHub?

1. Simplified Submissions: Authors can easily submit their work through an intuitive interface, reducing complexity and saving time.
2. Effective Peer Review Management: Reviewers enjoy a straightforward, efficient review process, enabling them to focus on the quality of their evaluations.
3. Enhanced Editorial Oversight: Editors can effortlessly follow the flow of submissions and peer-review processes. Our system provides a clear overview of all ongoing activities, highlighting submissions and reviews that require attention. This feature ensures that editors can manage their workload more effectively, prioritizing tasks and maintaining the momentum of the publication process.

Take advantage of Kotahi's flexible configuration settings, empowering thousands of publications to uniquely customize their workflows at any time, at no additional cost. Tailor the platform to suit your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and efficient editorial process for your journal.

In addition to these workflow efficiencies, ManuscriptsHub offers automated DOI (Digital Object Identifier) assignment through CrossRef. This feature ensures: • Swift Identification: Each article is promptly assigned a unique DOI, facilitating immediate and accurate identification. • Standardized Referencing: DOIs provide a consistent, standardized way to reference scholarly content, enhancing the discoverability and citation of your work.

Choose ManuscriptsHub for its competitive pricing, which includes various affordable publishing options. We believe in making open access an attainable goal for everyone, and our pricing reflects our commitment to accessibility.

Experience the flexibility of submitting your manuscript in either LaTeX or Word format. Our platform seamlessly produces customized PDFs from both LaTeX and Word files, allowing you to tailor your final manuscript with ease. Take advantage of our customizable PDF production to achieve a professional and consistent appearance by personalizing the layout according to your preferences.

Entrust your articles to our professional production team, dedicated to elevating the visual appeal of your content. Benefit from attractive PDF templates, expert typesetting, and impeccable formatting that enhance the overall presentation of your scholarly work. Auto Templating and PDF Production Experience the convenience of auto templating and PDF production with ManuscriptsHub. Our platform automates these tasks, streamlining the production and export of your content effortlessly.

Our workflow stands out by serving a dual function as an online proofing system. Post-acceptance and pre-publication, the platform becomes a robust tool for online proofing, enabling easy customization of templates for PDF and HTML export. This process is notably more efficient, with Kotahi demonstrating a significant time reduction (10 seconds versus 600 seconds) compared to traditional methods and other online proofing platforms.

Ready to Get Started?

Explore the potential of ManuscriptsHub through our free online demonstrations, tailored for journals and publishers seeking efficient workflow management solutions. Connect with our knowledgeable Sales team to delve into the benefits of integrating ManuscriptsHub into your portfolio.

Reach out to us through the "Request Demo" or "Contact Us" form on our website.

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During the meeting, we'll engage with you to customize our solutions according to your unique workflow demands.

Following the customization discussion, you'll receive a link to join an online demo session with our expert team. This session will provide you with a firsthand experience of how ManuscriptsHub can revolutionize your workflow management.

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